The IAWEA Small Communities Committee is sponsoring a series of workshops around Iowa in the spring of 2019 in order to provide guidance to smaller communities on wastewater infrastructure issues.  You may view more information by clicking on the first file below.

Each workshop runs from 4pm-7pm and the $25 registration fee covers the cost of the dinner that is included with the workshop.  There will be 0.3 CEUs offered at each one of the workshops.  Workshop dates and locations will be decided soon.

Aims and Objectives of the Committee:

  1. Provide technical support in the review of new and existing treatment technologies being used for small communities around Iowa and provide recommendations or draft design guidance to the Iowa DNR for consideration.
  2. Review existing design guidance for current technologies, especially from the reliability and redundancy stand point, and determine if there are effective ways to downsize treatment technologies and still remain effective thereby providing a more affordable solution for small communities.
  3. Evaluate and support research opportunities at the state universities to study existing treatment systems, develop pilot and demonstration sites, and sample unregulated pollutants in the effluent ( i.e. pharmaceuticals, etc.).
  4. Educate small communities around the state through the use of workshops in each region.  The workshops should be directed toward city officials and operators with the purpose of covering:
    1. Upcoming regulations
    2. Financial preparedness
    3. Operator licensing changes
    4. Treatment technology options
    5. Collection systems
    6. Explaining the entire process for projects
  5. Evaluate Controlled Discharge Lagoon treatment technology, regulations, and application throughout Iowa.