The Program Subcommittee shall be composed of at least eleven members chosen as follows:

  • The immediate Past President who shall be chairperson
  • One member who is an educator from a university or college in the State
  • One member from a private engineering firm in the State
  • One member who is an operator or superintendent of a wastewater plant of at least 5 mgd or greater design
  • One member who is an operator or superintendent of a wastewater plant of less than 5 mgd design
  • One member who is principally engaged in laboratory analysis of wastewater
  • One member who is the Exhibitor/Vendor representative
  • The Education Committee Chairperson
  • The Local Arrangements Subcommittee Chairperson
  • The balance to be chosen at large, with consideration given to the areas of collection systems, industrial operations, safety, and biosolids operations.
Executive Committee liaison shall be the Past President

The Chair of the Program Subcommittee for the 2017 Annual Conference is Laurie Twitchell,


  • Prepare, coordinate and distribute the finalized technical program for the annual meeting by March 15
  • Coordinate all activities of the spouses’ program and the Local Arrangements Subcommittee in order to put together a complete program for submittal to the Executive Committee
  • Provide program updates at each Executive Committee meeting
  • Submit outline of talks to the CEU Administrator by March 15
  • Distribute and collect speaker evaluation forms for each session and provide the collected forms to the Education Committee Chair
  • At the conference, distribute to and collect CEU forms from all persons wanting CEU registration in Iowa.  (The forms shall be sent to the CEU Administrator.)