Each year, the IAWEA Collection Systems Committee offers multiple opportunities for training and education for the advancement of sanitary collection systems.  Those opportunities include the following:

Collection System Specialty Conference

This conference is specifically focused on providing educational opportunities related to sanitary collection systems.  Topics include cleaning and maintenance, inflow and infiltration reduction, construction case studies, and more.  The specialty conference typically offers 1.0 to 1.2 CEU’s and is held all day Thursday and Friday morning during the first week March.


The Collection System Committee also offers both training and recertification for the NASSCO PACP, MACP, and LACP programs.  The PACP/MACP/LACP programs are the North American standard for pipeline/manhole/lateral defect identification and assessment, providing standardization and consistency to the methods in which conditions are identified, evaluated and managed.  This training is typically held in conjunction with the Collection System Specialty Conference.

PACP – Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program
  • The PACP Recertification Program is a 1.0-day training module and is typically held on Wednesday during the week of the specialty conference.
  • The PACP Training Program is 1.5-day training module and is typically held on Thursday (all day) and Friday morning during the week of the specialty conference.
MACP/LACP – Manhole/Lateral Assessment & Certification Program
  • The MACP/LACP Training module is a 0.5-day training module and is typically held on Friday afternoon during the week of the specialty conference.
  • MACP/LACP Recertification can be accomplished by attending the Friday afternoon MACP/LACP class noted above or by completing the online MACP/LACP recertification courses from NASSCO.

For more information contact:

Roger McFarland, Coordinator of the IAWEA PACP/LACP/MACP Training Program

Voluntary Collection System Operator Certification Program

The Collection System Operator Certification program is a chance for you to demonstrate your collection system knowledge to your employer. Similar to other water and wastewater certifications, the Collection System Certification is offered in four levels, with Grade 1 representing foundational knowledge in collection system operation and maintenance and Grade 4 demonstrating an advanced level of knowledge of collection systems.

To become certified, you may take the appropriate exam during the spring at the Collection System Specialty Conference or during the fall at the Fall Operator’s Conference (both paper exams). For those desiring help in preparing for the exam, an exam review session tailored to the Collection System Certification Exam is typically offered Friday morning during the week of the spring Collection System Specialty Conference.

If you are studying for your exam, please utilize the “Need to Know” study guide below to aid in your preparation.

For more information contact:

Adam Smith, Coordinator of the IAWEA Collection System Operator Certification Program

Collection System Committee Clothing

Clothing with the IAWEA Collection System Committee logo can be purchased.  See a committee member for details.

Upcoming Collection System Committee Activities

April 6, 2023                                   10:00 AM – Collection System Committee Meeting, Quality Inn & Suites, Ames, IA