The Aims and Objectives Committee shall be composed of at least eight members selected by the IAWEA President.

  1. Where possible, the President shall try to select a member from each of the six regions of the State presently established by the IDNR
  2. Two members selected at-large
Executive Committee liaison shall be the President Elect

Tyler Ver Meer


  1. Develop long- and short-range objectives
  2. Develop and recommend yearly goals
  3. Submit written recommendations in an annual report, not later than May of each year, to the Secretary-Treasurer.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall distribute the report to the Executive Committee.  The chairperson shall make an oral report at the annual business meeting
  4. Review as needed the Constitution and Bylaws and the Manual of Policies and Practices; recommend to the Executive Committee changes deemed necessary
  5. Submit a written report of this review at the Executive Committee meeting in March of every year.
  6. Committee meetings shall be scheduled by the chairperson as needed to meet the report dates.