The Local Arrangements Subcommittee shall be made up of persons from the host city area for each annual meeting.

  • The person extending the invitation to the Association to meet in the host city area shall be the chairperson
  • Other members shall be appointed by the Chairperson as needed.
Executive Committee liaison shall be the President-Elect

(NOTE: Reference the Local Arrangement notebook which is to be passed on to the new subcommittee chairperson each year.)

The current Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee is Scott Wienands.


  • Arrange for hotel, meeting rooms, and menus for annual meeting
  • By the January board meeting, arrange for prices, tours, and entertainment
  • By the January board meeting, coordinate with the IAWEA Auxiliary officers the spouses’ program and cost for the annual meeting
  • Serve as hosts at the annual meeting and assist the President, Secretary-Treasurer and program committee in duties for the annual meeting, including registration and hotel coordination.