IAWEA Members and Educators:

What follows this short cover piece are documents generated by the Ad-Hoc Committee for educators and IAWEA members. These documents are:

1. Educator's information and letter asking for support
2. Water Sourcebook promotional literature
3. Request for curriculum
4. Request for Water Sourcebook out of pocket funds
5. Local Experts Resource List
6. End of Year Survey
7. Administration of Water Sourcebook Program

We are providing this package to our members (copy from this article or get off web page, ask for CD) in the hope that they will feel comfortable asking their local science teachers to add this "supplement" to their existing curriculum. The curriculum is designed in a way that we think will both open up the idea of a career in water/wastewater to students, and, generally give a better background for those people who end up making government decisions in the water/wastewater area.

If you as a member do not feel comfortable making the presentation, but think it is a good idea for your local school, please contact a committee member and we will set up someone to go with you.

Committee members:

Bob Watson  (563) 379-4147
Scott Wienands  (319) 988-4205
Tim Wilkey  (563) 264-6792

The IAWEA office is also aware of this endeavor and can get information to the committee.