The City of Clive has completed its second sanitary sewer rehabilitation project consisting of approximately 3700’ of 8” continuous cured in place pipe liner.  Municipal Pipe, Tool Inc. out of Hudson, Iowa performed the work at a cost of $92,200.00.

Clive has fixed  $100,000 within its operating budget for sewer rehab since 2003. 

Rehabilitation projects of this nature are not unusual, however this project was unique in the way it was let for bid.  In a cooperative effort the cities of Clive and Urbandale entered into a 28E Agreement allowing the cities to combine two projects into one for the bidding process.  This afforded the advantage of one public notice cost, more favorable unit prices, and one mobilization charge in the total contract cost.  Once the low bid was awarded the project became two, with each community working with, and paying the contractor directly.  This concept has worked very well for both cities. If anyone would like to get a copy of our 28E Agreement you can contact me at