The Iowa Water Environment Association (IAWEA) research committee seeks proposals for IAWEA’s
2020 Research Grant Program. Proposers are invited to submit on topics consistent with IAWEA’s
mission for education and advancement of water quality in Iowa.
The Research Program seeks to fund innovative research projects that will significantly advance
understanding of water quality related to wastewater and storm water treatment/operations,
conveyance and biosolids related topics. Topics in original research or that takes existing research to a
further level of completion, resulting in scientific understanding and practical solutions to wastewater
challenges are encouraged. Funding may be used for new projects or to continue/expand an existing
The successful team(s) will present their projects at the IAWEA annual conference in June 2021. All final
reports for research projects will be included in the IAWEA library with a summary article published in
the IAWEA publication, Clean Waters. The IAWEA Research Committee will support researchers to
publish in WEF forums as well.
Process and Evaluation Criteria
Selection of research proposals is a competitive process. Proposals are reviewed by IAWEA’s Research
Committee and recommended to the IAWEA board for approval. Proposals will be evaluated on the
following criteria and weighting:
 Iowa-based research project (15%)
 Technical, scientific, or operational merit. Explain the basis for technical achievability and
include relevant research by proposer and/or others to date. Indicate both near-term or longterm applicability in the field. (15%)
 Originality of concept (10%)
 Quality and soundness of objectives (10%)
 Significance of the proposed research and its likelihood to significantly advance relevant
knowledge and understanding of the topic and to provide relevant information needed for
subsequent use in the field. Research with non-proprietary significance is highly desired. (20%)
 Relevance to Iowa challenges; including but not limited to the following (20%):
o Nutrient removal
o Resource recovery such as biogas to energy, phosphorus recovery, etc.
o Wet weather challenges
o Small community challenges
 Qualifications of proposer(s) including subject-matter knowledge, experience, and
demonstrated ability (5%)
 Adherence to proposal format requirements (5%)

The IAWEA Research Committee commits to awarding the 2020 Research Program budget of $10,000
for high quality research proposals. In the event the received proposals do not meet the Committee’s
standards, less may be awarded. If a special need is identified for extremely high quality research, the
Committee will work to identify additional funding beyond the budgeted $10,000. The number of
awards made shall be based on the number of proposals received, proposal merit, and funds requested.
Grant funds shall not be used for indirect costs associated with proposer organization.
Project Schedule
Submissions are due May 20, 2020. Project awards will be announced in June 2020 after the 2020
IAWEA Annual Conference. Projects shall begin by Fall 2020 and shall be complete by June 1, 2021.
Project Deliverables
At conclusion of project the project team shall submit a short report, submit an abstract for the 2021
IAWEA Annual Conference, and present at the IAWEA annual conference in June 2021. Failure to submit
the report and present the work may result in disqualification from future participation in the program
and repayment of the award amount.
Instructions for Submission
Proposals must be submitted electronically to IAWEA Research Committee Chair Mike Roth at by 11:00 AM on May 20, 2020.
1. Page Limit: maximum five (5) pages (not including Curriculum vitae(s)/resumes)
2. Each proposal shall include the following sections:
a. Project Rationale and Significance: Provide importance and relevance of proposed
research. Include summary of current state of knowledge of subject and describe
potential outcome of proposed research.
b. Project Objectives/Design: Describe the specific objectives that will be addressed,
briefly outline project approach, design, and procedures that will be used to achieve the
c. Proposed Budget: Indicate the total amount requested from IAWEA and describe how
the funds will be used for the proposed work. Provide itemized list of major expenses.
Indicate if the proposed project will include funding from other sources.
d. Proposer Information: Include names and organization(s) of key individuals involved in
the project. Briefly include relevant information, experience, and abilities. Curriculum
vitae or resume of team leader shall be included. Curriculum vitae or resume of other
team members may be included optionally. Note the leader of the team, providing
contact information (phone/email) for the team lead.
Questions and Information
For questions, contact IAWEA Research Committee Chair Mike Roth at