At the Executive Board Meeting and Chair Retreat held in January 2004, the Iowa Water Pollution Control Association provided the Collection System Committee with a special projects budget of $1,750 to create and purchase Collection System Operator Certification tack pins in recognition for their accomplishment.  These pins were presented to the certified operators who attended the 2005 IWPCA Collection System Specialty Conference in Marshalltown, Iowa at the Best Western Conference Center on March 3-4.  At present there are 213 Certified Collection System Operators in the State of Iowa. 

The Iowa Water Pollution Control Association is a strong supporter of training opportunities that better the individual, create a safer work environment, and a more knowledgeable Operator.  We applaud all of those individuals who have availed themselves of the training materials and have taken the initiative to achieve a measurable level of skill and system knowledge of the Collection System Operation. 

This is a voluntary program and as such the responsibility falls upon the individual to study this material and achieve a quantifiable level of mastery.  Our thanks go out to those cities and individuals who have embraced the IWPCA Voluntary Collection System Operator Certification program in the State of Iowa.