Cleanwater Heroes

The IAWEA is pleased to announce that it is making its presentation of Cleanwater Heroes available to its members.  This interactive activity has been presented annually at the Iowa Children’s Water Festival to rave reviews.

Colorful tarps of various shapes and sizes are used to represent treatment equipment and structures at an activated sludge facility.  Students are assigned roles as various parameters present in wastewater.  They then travel through an imaginary wastewater treatment plant and learn about the processes used to clean the water before its release back into the environment.

IAWEA members are encouraged to introduce this learning activity in their local schools.  It is aimed at the upper elementary school levels of 4th – 6th grades and can easily be presented by 2-3 people for each class of up to 25 participants.  Interested parties should contact Laurie Twitchell,, or (515) 233-0000, for more information.